District Green Team Geared For Impact

More than any other generation before them, children today are passionate about the environment. The recently formed LkwdGreenTeam task force hopes to tap into that passion as it comes up with strategies to reduce waste in the District and reach its ultimate goal of developing a learning environment that empowers and inspires our students to be creative, innovative, green leaders.

The LkwdGreenTeam consists of at least one staff member from every building as well as some administrators. The group has been meeting regularly to develop short-term and long-term goals and strategies that will result in less waste for the District while also educating students about how to be good stewards of the planet.

“We need to be good role models for our students in everything we do,” said technology teacher Jaime Chanter, who suggested forming the task force. “Taking care of our planet must be a team effort and I know our students can rise to the challenge!”

While recycling efforts exist in the District, there has not been a consistent practice across buildings, which the Green Team hopes to change. Progress has already been made with the number of recycling containers increased in buildings with particular attention to cafeterias. A big focus will be on educating students and staff on what can and cannot be recycled as what may be recycled at school may be different than what can be thrown into the recycle bin at home. The group is also looking into the feasibility of replacing single-use plastic trays and flatware in the cafeterias.

Some schools are already making great strides in reducing cafeteria waste, such as at Lincoln, where students are emptying remains of milk cartons in order to recycle the cartons rather than just pitching them into the garbage. The Green Team hopes to inspire other buildings to take up their own initiatives. Some buildings are already running public service announcements that share recycling facts and tips.

Plans for next school year include starting student green teams at each building, working to reduce paper waste, and to continue to raise awareness of how our actions impact our planet.

Volume 15, Issue 10, Posted 9:38 AM, 05.22.2019