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While I appreciate the new row houses on Detroit Avenue, enough is enough. If I see one more block of these look-alike places, I am going to scream! What the heck is the City thinking? To top it off, I understand that we will soon have apartments and mixed use at the old Buick site and guess what, they will look just like the row houses. If I wanted Battery Park I would have moved there. Where are we going to be in 10 years when those properties are no longer the ‘thing’? Now, we manage quite well without looking like every other community. Lakewood’s uniqueness and city services are why it is such a great place to live and why young families are flocking here. We did not get this status because we have a bazillion row houses going down Detroit Avenue, plastered up against the curb at every corner.  Please, please, please, we need to do more than row houses and dollar stores.  

I am begging City Hall to stop going overboard with everything they touch. Why must they try to totally destroy and rebuild?  It is almost as though their goal is to make us look like every other dull city off any random highway exit with buildings that look the same and crackerjack stores that you can find anywhere.

There is such a thing as ‘happy medium’ City Hall.

Don’t destroy what we have. 

Gloria Merritt is a third generation Lakewoodite.

Gloria Merritt

Third generation Lakewoodite.

Volume 15, Issue 7, Posted 7:53 AM, 04.03.2019