Power For The Powerless; Seven Sisters

I cried about leaving my trees one day soon

The squirrels too – it's like leaving beloved pets behind in a vacant house.

Seeing them now, with their skeletal winter crowns, we almost forget their cathedral like canopy.

We take trees for granted until we breathe in deep

their comforting shade and feel their essential breeze in the summer.

My massive old friends are vibrantly alive even though the city

And my neighbor has threatened to take four of my lovely seven sisters down.

We had eight but tragically took one down ten years ago and we mourned her loss.

Trees, like elephants, are reluctant to abandon their dead

Especially when it’s a big old revered matriarch.

In the language of trees, they mourned too

My trees protect, connect and communicate with one another.

What they must have endured and survived together for over 100 years!

To reach enormousness trees must support each other

My lovely seven sisters are protecting and have built kinship networks

(I really think the twin trees are boys but the rest are wise old mother trees)

Trees share water and nutrients and recognize root tips of their kin

These massive old oaks are far more alert, social and sophisticated

than what we diminutives think

There is an inner life of trees you know, if you take time to watch and listen

trees are intelligent beings and are charged with energy and power

They are on God’s time, not ours

They move in slow motion like a freeze frame of action

In tree time or ultra-slow motion

Disconnected loners they are not

My trees have formed a deep communal relationship with each other

And Me.

Volume 15, Issue 7, Posted 7:53 AM, 04.03.2019