1917 The New Lakewood Hospital

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Another great civic enterprise nears fruition and testifies to the genius for achievement on the part of Lakewood Citizens. After years of planning and work by men and women who forgot self in an effort to serve humanity, a great institution for the alleviation of physical pain and suffering has been erected within Lakewood’s boundaries.

“Man’s inhumanity to man” is a familiar phrase and has some basis in fact, as is evidenced by the current war’s desolation and devastation, its wastage of human life and energy. Man may be, undoubtedly is, inhuman to man at times, when his baser, elemental passions are deeply stirred; but on every hand are evidences of the fact that man is, after all imbued with a deep-seated love for his fellow­ man. The new Lakewood Hospital is but another demonstration of that fact and that men and women were willing to work gratuitously against seemingly insurmountable obstacles for months and years serves but to make the demonstration more complete and convincing.

The City of Lakewood owes to these men and women a debt of gratitude it will never be able to repay. It may, however, testify to its appreciation of their work by assisting them in bearing part of their burdens, by assiting them in carrying forward the purposes of their institution.

Hundreds of Lakewood's citizens gave something of their means to make the new hospital possible. They will now feel a glow of pride in the consciousness of having participated in the momentous undertaking.

The new hospital will stand for years to come a monument to those men and women who conceived it, and to courage and resolution. It will endure through the decades as a living throbbing witness to the civic consciousness of the community and to the spirit of helpfulness and love that permeates its citizenship.

Lakewood is proud of the institution, proud of the men and women who laid its plans and boldly carried them out, proud of her citizens who contributed time and money to make a dream come true and above. All proud of the spirit of love that animates her citizens.

Reprinted from the Lakewood Press, Thursday, 22, 1917.

Miss A.M. Brooks, Superintendent, Lakewood Hospital

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

Volume 15, Issue 7, Posted 7:53 AM, 04.03.2019