Movie Review: "Bohemian Rhapsondy": A Royal Awakening

My best friend and I went out at dusk to see if we could see the planet Mercury on the horizon. On a Deacon's prayer we were hoping to see what was Taylor-Mayed.

Freddie Mercury, Bryan May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon form the band Queen.

A movie can be written about the vision of Mercury at dusk blending with the sun. A song can be sung. 

"Bohemian Rhapsody" is that song in a movie very well done. This movie explores Freddie Mercury's personal life in connection with the band. It examines how, despite the band's quarrels-- they are "up in the air" at times--they consider themselves family, the way they love each other and make music together is like a family in the end.

A drama about about the operatic rock and roll band and the now late Freddie Mercury, in memory of a voice that not only sings, but instills power. A must-see for a child of the 70's. 

Volume 15, Issue 6, Posted 11:54 AM, 03.24.2019