Don't Lakewood Government Officials Have A Duty To Follow The Law?

On April 22, 2018 Lakewood City Council members Anderson, Bullock, Litton, O’Leary, and O’Malley voted to pass Lakewood Ordinance Number 27-18. That ordinance, among other things, authorized Mayor Summers to execute a development agreement with Carnegie Management And Development Corporation. That agreement provides for the City to sell to Carnegie Management And Development Corporation TWENTY EIGHT (28) parcels of land owned by the City for ONE DOLLAR!! That’s right. You didn’t misread. FOR ONE DOLLAR!!!!!!! Such a deal.

Council members Anderson, Bullock, Litton, O’Leary, O’Malley and Mayor Summers chose to ignore the law in Ohio that when a city is going to sell real estate, the city is required to advertise the sale for FIVE (5) WEEKS. Lakewood government officials DID NOT advertise the sale of those valuable 28 parcels for even one week.

That same state law requires that any sale of real estate by a city be only with the HIGHEST BIDDER. There has been no advertisement. Therefore, there was no bidding. Once again, those City officials have demonstrated their preference for rigged deals, like their giveaway of our valuable hospital, rather than following state law.

Another company of George Papandreas, the agent for Carnegie Management And Development Corporation, had to be sued by the City of Beachwood to recover over $80,000.00 income tax money owed to that city. Is he a close buddy with Mayor Summers? Apparently Lakewood City Officials have no concern that Carnegie Management And Development Corporation might fail to pay income tax to Lakewood? What could Lakewood expect illegally giving away City property to that company?

The mayor and council members got away with the rigged hospital deal that cost citizens many millions of dollars by using clandestine meetings away from the public view and continuous lying to the public. Apparently feeling invincible after getting away with their rigged hospital deal, City officials now seem to feel safe enough to simply disregard the bidding laws of our state.

Steering deals to insiders without following bidding laws has got to stop if Lakewood is going to survive as a desirable place to live.

Edward Graham is a former Member Lakewood City Council.

Edward Graham

Former Member Lakewood City Council

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Volume 15, Issue 5, Posted 12:58 PM, 03.05.2019