Lakewood Overture: An Introduction

Over 26 years living in Lake Shore Towers I look back on writing a book in the efficiency I lived in, now in my one bedroom apartment, my library of three books and hundreds of notebooks is a dream as far back as when I was fifteen. I'm now fifty-five. 

Originally growing up in Cleveland, Lakewood has been a mainstay for over half my life.

I have performed comedy clubs as well as poetry readings with the same impact: Get people to think in terms of the true reality of infinite chaos.

It is important for me to stress hockey as a down-to-earth way amidst the chaos to understand a rough sport played by generally the finest gentlemen in the world. 

Lakewood itself has St. Edward High School which has more state titles in hockey than any other high school in the state.

I played hockey at St. Ignatius High School which is where I started to write. Defending state champs are now St. Ignatius. The new hockey powerhouse. The same powerhouse they were when I gave a talk to a Creative Writing Class at St. Edward three years ago.

Living in Lake Shore Towers is an honor. The building has a history of well-known tenants. Gangsters such as Al Capone and Law Enforcement Agent Eliot Ness both resided here. A criminal and a crimefighter. Movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe have come to abide.

It is the oldest building on the Gold Coast in Cleveland's finest suburb. A suburb I reflect on my CD cover for my album "Between." It features an open kiwi with a blue background. St. Ignatius' colors are blue and gold. St. Edward's colors are the green and yellow of the kiwi.

Yes, after the talk I gave at St. Edward I am fruitful about that school, as opposed to now being blue about St. Ignatius. I am no longer gold about it.

I'm here to enjoy the Gold Coast...

Volume 15, Issue 3, Posted 2:00 PM, 02.05.2019