Lakewood Resident, Alex Sheen Knows A Single Promise Can Change A Life Forever

Alex Sheen, Founder of "because I said I would"

This month, Lakewood resident and founder of the non-profit "because I said I would," Alex Sheen officially released "because I said I would: The Book" and the first three episodes of "because I said I would: The Podcast."

"Because I said I would" is an international social movement at the forefront of shifting how the world views commitment and accountability. Their mission is to better humanity through promises made and kept. They do this through chapters of volunteers; character education in schools and prisons; accountability programs; and awareness campaigns with global reach. It began with a viral offer to send ten Promise Cards to anyone in the world by request only (at no cost) as a way to honor and memorialize Alex’s father, whose most admirable quality was being a person of his word. With over 10.3 million Promise Cards distributed to over 153 countries, this cause has played a unique role in changing lives around the world.

Thousands of people have shared their Promise Stories with this growing organization, and now they are proud to share them with you!

"Because I said I would: The Book" is heartwarming, humorous, inspirational, and tragic. The stories will challenge readers to look deep within themselves and consider the importance of the promises they make. Readers will gain practical life lessons from surprisingly raw stories of ordinary people with incredible determination; useful advice on how to better keep promises; and inspiring perspectives that can be utilized in leadership and personal development initiatives. 100% percent of the author’s proceeds go to "because I said I would," a 501(c)(3). The book is available from, and at over two hundred Barnes & Nobles locations. Or you can purchase it directly from the organization’s website at

"Because I said I would: The Podcast" is hosted and narrated by Alex himself with the support of Lakewood’s own, The Front Porch People, a premier podcast and radio syndication network. Each episode features compelling interviews from around the world. You’ll hear the dramatic stories of promises made, kept and even broken. (WARNING: some content in these episodes may be difficult and disturbing to listen to. If you have children, they may want to sit this one out.) You can subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play. Or you can stream it directly from the organization’s website at

A single promise can change a life forever. And every promise has a story. To inspire others, share yours by visiting

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Volume 15, Issue 2, Posted 5:06 PM, 01.08.2019