Decking The Halls

Christmas Display.

Lezlee Patten likes to make people happy and see them smile. That's why she puts up an elaborate Christmas display every year at the end of the hall outside her suite at Lakewood's Westerly Apartments.

Many of the five-hundred-or-so residents of the senior living community come to see the spectacle and lots of them bring their grandchildren. The decorations were collected over a number of years from various sources including Pat Catan's, Joann Fabrics, yard sales and the Internet.

At the end of the season it all goes into storage at a friend's garage to await next Christmas, when it goes back up to be joined by new items that she finds during the year. As Lezlee says, “Everybody deserves a smile and memories of Christmas.”

Jeff Fritz

Enjoy exercise, politics, economics, writing jokes and songs, reading non-fiction.

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Volume 14, Issue 24, Posted 3:48 PM, 12.18.2018