The Christmas Spider

Hixson's ornament, new for 2018.

Yes, that's correct. The Christmas Spider. Who knew? Mr. Christmas aka Bill Hixson, that's who. Every year I learn from Bill some new lore of Christmas and how it's celebrated throughout the world. Bill has just printed a new book describing just that. He documents how traditions started and their meaning from St. Nicholas to candles, wreaths, and even spiders and their glorious webs.

Apparently long ago on Christmas Eve in Poland, a poor woodcutter and his family had a Christmas tree, but not the means to decorate it. With heavy hearts, they retired to bed to dream of the day ahead. When they awoke the family was delighted to see that Angels had sent Spiders to cover the tree with shiny silver webs! Throughout the Ukraine and Poland it is still celebrated by placing a silver spider web on the tree.

I, for one am going to start the tradition in my house. The web ornaments at Hixson's are gorgeous, and the silver and glass beaded spider can also be worn as a pin throughout the year. Great gift idea.

As Bill always says, "Hixson's doesn't sell Stuff, Hixson's sells Memories."
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Volume 14, Issue 21, Posted 3:08 PM, 11.07.2018