Three Cleveland Teens Commit Armed Robberies Arrested Three Hours Later

Somers Restaraunt, on W150th street near the entrance to I-71 Southbound is where the  teens and adult were stopped by Cleveland Police.

Friday night around 9:30pm two teens and one adult approached a jogger on Edgewater, produced a gun, demanded his wallet, phone and personal belongings. While that victim was at a neighbor's house talking with police, the local neighborhood watch group put out in their neighborhood, “Watch out for three teens on bikes!”

Meanwhile across town over on Ethel Avenue they were committing another robbery even before the first person had finished his report. Again three young people on bikes. Immediately the Lakewood Observer Deck and Facebook page, and “lakewood ohio community interests and forum” place warnings and a call for vigilance on their pages.

As police scoured the streets, people got worried and more in tune with their surroundings. Within hours based on a tip and with the help of Lakewood Police, Cleveland Police had located three people on bikes fitting the descriptions, and pulled them over at Somers Restaurant on W150.

Lakewood Police brought one of the people robbed to the site where a positive ID was made, and the three were arrested. The two teens were taken to Juvenile Detention, and the adult, David D. Abernathy was booked in Lakewood. All three were residents of Cleveland.

Property from the first robbery was found in Lakewood Park, while items from both robberies were found on the males. No gun was found at the time. However the next day a woman in Cleveland called police when she looked on her roof and saw what she thought was a gun. Police came and retrieved the weapon and discovered that it was a pellet gun, repainted to look like a real gun, and that was identified as the weapon by the people robbed.

Great work Lakewood, and Cleveland Police Departments.

Jim O'Bryan

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 14, Issue 19, Posted 4:23 PM, 10.03.2018