'Climate Action' Tour Stops In Lakewood On Sunday, Aug. 19

If you ever feel daunted by the challenge of climate change, University of California air pollution scientist Shahir Masri and educator Athina Simolaris can relate. But the two young Californians have decided to overcome feelings of powerlessness by pausing their careers this summer to take to the road to advocate for climate action, promote green energy, and identify effective strategies of climate communication.

They're hoping their 11-week, 35-state, cross-country "On the Road for Climate Action" tour (in a low-emissions vehicle) will galvanize kindred spirits to make climate change policy a central issue in the 2018 midterm elections and beyond. Along the way they'll be meeting with city councils, surveying Americans on their climate sentiment, and ultimately meeting with members of Congress in Washington for a "Day of Congressional Climate Action."

The tour will pass through Northeast Ohio on Sunday, August 19, and Lakewood is lucky to be the host spot. Join Shahir and Athina at Deagan's Kitchen & Bar from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. for a short presentation on the state of climate policy and a spirited Q&A discussion on what U.S. citizens can and should do about it. Points of focus will include social justice aspects of climate change, carbon-fee-and-dividend legislation, and more. The event is sponsored by Northeast Ohio chapters of the national nonprofit Citizens' Climate Lobby. For more on Shahir and Athina's tour and goals, see their website and video at roadforclimateaction.com

Glenn Campbell

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Glenn is a longtime Lakewood resident whose interests include politics and the environment.

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