Tease Thanks The Community While Looking Ahead

Nora Swift was the type of person that only comes along once in a lifetime. Her presence felt warm and inviting, yet she emulated a mystery that made people gravitate towards her. She was one tough chick and had that ability to leave you fearing if you were ever foolish enough to cross her.

The people that she loved, she loved entirely and would do anything to protect them. That motherly love extended beyond her own children, who were her heart and soul, to the family she had at Tease. She created a sense of belonging, a pride of getting close enough to have known her.

Her fiery passion for the industry and unique creativity can still be felt throughout the salon even without her physical presence. Nora’s unapologetic hustle, infectious sense of humor, lavishly lived lifestyle and love for her business are all things we will always remember about who she was. Her legacy will continue to live on through us, her memories we will forever cherish. Everyone at Tease Hair and Body Parlor wants to thank the community of Lakewood for its outpouring of love and support. 

Nora was larger than life + so was her hair. She had red lips big lashes + a mesmerizing stare.

Her heart was gold + if you just met her once you were sold.

Hustle was her game + tease hair + body parlor was the name.   

Her babies were her everything + in them she’ll always remain.   

Her family + friends were her reason + they were always in season.   

Legacy is what she left + her village will carry it; you can bet.   

--Belle (Michelle Deluca)

Jessica Dingess

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 14, Issue 14, Posted 5:56 PM, 07.17.2018