Love For Sale

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  • Before

  • After

  • Walking in from the massive porch you are greeted by a double staircase with the dining room to the left, and living room to the right. From the outside, one wouldn't think that it different on inside of the house. But then the home opens up a very large open design that is what everyone is looking for.

  • The dinning room.

  • Living room before.

  • Living room after.

  • During construction

  • TV room

  • Kitchen

  • Master Bedroom

  • Master Bedroom/Bathroom

  • Family taking a break from work.

  • Aref’s wife Erin moving one of the large doors from inside out onto the front porch for refinishing and new hardware. Aref smiles while he says, “None of this would be possible without Erin and my crew. We loved working together on this.”

  • Left to right, front to back: Sajed, Kashmere, Aref, Erin, missing are Adnan, Yasmeen, and Lemma.

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