Temporary Tattoo For You

Summer is a season when body art display works well with fashion. Some fun designs are not wanted year round, and that's when temporary tattoos can be a choice. The current 4th of July parade will feature Carabel's Lady Liberty passing out 500 lady liberty temporary tattoos. Should you receive one, the directions for application are on the back. I think you might want to apply them on the day you get it so I am letting you know how to be ready for application. Think about where you might want to see this lady, on an ankle , wrist or shoulder? The size is small, have your skin pre-scrubbed for the most lasting look, peel off the plastic, apply the design on skin and wet thoroughly. Lift the tattoo and look to see if it transferred. If not, place face down and make sure it is wet enough, rub a bit until it is. A bit of baby powder patted on the design will give it the most realistic look. Our beauty salon Carabel features a variety of designs .

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Volume 14, Issue 12, Posted 4:18 PM, 06.19.2018