Familiar Faces For Lakewood's Primary Election Results

The Tuesday, May 8th Primary Election may have only seen 23.4% voter turnout county wide, but here in Lakewood the contests were as contentious as ever. Locally, the two hottest races were the Democratic Primaries for two seats in the Ohio legislature, i.e., the State Representive seat for District 13 (Tom Bullock vs. Michael Skindell) and the State Senate seat for District 23 (Nickie Antonio vs. Martin Sweeney). Three of the four candidates, all but Sweeney, are Lakewood residents, which certainly contributed to the intensity of these particular races. In addition, it should be noted that Skindell currently holds the District 23 State Senate seat and Antonio holds the District 13 State Representative seat.

By the end of election night, it was clear that both Skindell and Antonio would remain in Columbus, but with Skindell moving to the State House of Representative's seat and Antonio taking over the State Senate post. Both candidates received strong backing from the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus (CCPC), which has its offices located here in eastern Lakewood at 11910 Detroit Avenue. With both districts leaning heavily Democratic, it seems highly likely that the winners of these Democratic primary races will go on to win the General Election in November as well.

On an even smaller scale, the Democratic Party saw more action this primary season, with many Precinct Committee seats heating up to a level not typically seen for these precinct specific races.

The other major statewide race that received a significant amount of attention in Lakewood included the Democratic Primary race for Govenor. Two well known candidates, Richard Cordray and Dennis Kucinich, a longtime Congressman for the district into which Lakewood falls, were the top contenders. Cordray prevailed and is now facing the Republican winner from the evening, Mike DeWine in November.

The full results of the May 8th election can be accessed through the Cuyhoga County Board of Elections website at: https://www.livevoterturnout.com/Cuy/LiveResults/en/Index_1.html.

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Volume 14, Issue 10, Posted 3:06 PM, 05.15.2018