Medical Care Is Very Important

Most of us have insurance and can pay for medical care. However, there are many residents in our community that don’t have this privilege. We don’t tend to think about those without health insurance who cannot afford the medical care they need. That’s where places like North Coast Health come in.

North Coast Health (NCH), located on Detroit Rd in Lakewood, is a charitable medical clinic. Anybody 14 years or older is welcome to schedule an appointment. The majority of patients are low income which makes it possible for them to receive care for free or at very low cost. North Coast Health also helps patients apply for Medicaid. 

When a patient arrives, they are greeted by the front desk where they get checked in for the appointment. The staff also helps connect patients with specialty services at the Cleveland Clinic and MetroHealth, they provide Giant Eagle gift cards for food, and bus passes. A medical assistant takes the patient to the exam room and checks blood pressure and reviews medications. The doctor comes in next and provides a physical exam, explains what’s going on and the best treatment. Patients who have chronic conditions can meet with the nurse for education. Anyone who needs medications can see the pharmacy technician for assistance. There is also a counselor to help with behavioral health needs.

The quality of care is just as good as a doctor’s office, because it is a doctor’s office. The doctors and nurses are very qualified and experienced. Some people think that NCH only treats people that are without a home or a job. However, I learned that anybody can come here and that most patients do work, but they just cannot afford the medical care they need and deserve.

NCH is a great place. They help people in need receive good quality medical care. It is a very interesting and fascinating place to volunteer.

Billy Brenninghouse is a student at Lakewood Catholic Academy

Billy Brenninghouse

Billy Breninghouse is a student at Lakewood Catholic Academy

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Volume 14, Issue 8, Posted 3:27 PM, 04.17.2018