The Benefits Of Maintaining Your Plaster Walls And Ceilings

Your unique, historic house was originally designed with plaster and lathe as an integral component of the structure. When those supporting structures are removed, the integrity of the structure is compromised. Wood lathe serves to strengthen the walls with additional racking resistance.

Plaster often varies in thickness to accommodate for irregularities in framing. When replacing with drywall over the existing framing, you may have to correct the framing by either sistering the framing members with all new pieces or strap and shim the existing framing to achieve straight, flat surfaces.

Lime and gypsum plasters allow buildings to breathe. The plaster absorbs and releases moisture and does not mold. When exposed to leakage, less damage  will occur than with drywall.

Lime plaster is unmatched in strength and durability, providing thicker, denser walls. As lime plaster ages, it hardens through the process of carbonation. Plaster and lathe are usually at least one inch thick; if not more...drywall is usually half an inch.

These thicker, denser walls and ceilings provide greater sound dampening between rooms.

Plaster and lathe walls and ceilings mean double the R-value of ordinary drywall.

Plaster increases the historic authenticity and therefore resale value of a historic home.

The plaster and lathe are already there, thus it is “greener” to retain these existing elements.

Come and learn more about the plaster and lathe walls and ceilings in your Lakewood home at the LakewoodAlive “Knowing Your Home” workshop on May 10th at the Lakewood Sherwin Williams at 7 pm. 

Linda Jancik is a plasterer. She owns Wall to Wall Transformations and has enjoyed raising her 7 children in Lakewood over the past 26 years.

Linda Jancik

I am a plasterer, specializing in plaster and lath repair, natural earth plaster finishes and Venetian plaster. I own Wall to Wall Transformations and have enjoyed raising my 7 children in Lakewood over the past 26 years.

Volume 14, Issue 8, Posted 12:07 PM, 04.03.2018