A Concert For Mike: Raising Funds For The Family Of A Lost Local Legend

You have to understand that he was being humble when he said he could play fourteen musical instruments fluently. Mike Jacobs could make beautiful music on anything—from a broken toy saxophone to an orchestral bassoon—but he never liked bragging so he only gave himself credit for the tools into which he'd really put some work. He was so unassuming and generous with the spotlight that you probably never heard of him before, but to many of your favorite local musicians he was a legend. (Mike would have hated that word, but it tells the story.) In addition to being a well-kept secret who could rock harder than Syd Barrett and John Denver put together, he was the most joyous person most people ever met, a warm and caring friend, a crazy-eyed collaborator, an inspirational teacher and a devoted father.

Mike Jacobs passed away in his sleep on December 8, 2017 after a long illness, leaving behind his partner of twenty years, their eight year old daughter and hundreds of brokenhearted artists, writers, musicians and friends. He was 41 years old.

Rather than sit around and surrender to the darkness, a ragtag collection of his friends, drawn from bands across many musical genres and several decades, are getting together to play a concert fundraiser on what would have been Mike's 42nd birthday.

The Mike Jacobs Legacy Fundraiser will take place on Sunday, April 29 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Around the Corner Saloon & Cafe located at 18616 Detroit Avenue in Lakewood. Tickets will be available at the door for $20. You can also buy your tickets online—or just make a donation—by searching for “Mike Jacobs” at eventbrite.com. All proceeds will go the education, musicianship and general welfare of his beloved daughter, Izzy.

In addition to four hours of music from Smiley Baldazar, Tracy Marie, Dead Ahead, Colorado Biosphere, Jotnar, Up All Night Alien Scum and more, there will be free food, a cash bar, raffles and a real-life cardboard cutout of our dear friend who will be happy to take selfies with all well-wishers. Musical guests are being added every week to play some of Mike Jacobs' greatest compositions and favorite freakin' songs. Everyone is welcome. Take a chance! If you love free-flowing, genre-busting rock and roll, it's not too late to catch the Mike Jacobs spirit.

Ben Burdick is a former program coordinator at Lakewood Public Library where he proudly served the public in many capacities for seventeen years. He wasn't born in Lakewood, but after twenty years he can't imagine living anywhere else.

Ben Burdick

Former program coordinator at Lakewood Public Library where I proudly seved the public in many capacities for seventeen years. I wasn't born in Lakewood, but after twenty years I can't imagine living anywhere else.

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