Court Dismisses Skindell vs Madigan Lawsuit

This past week the courts dismissed the case of Michael Skindell vs Madigan (City of Lakewood.) The Court of Appeals ruled the matter settled at the ballot box, the Ohio Supreme Court elected to not review that decision, with two justices dissenting.
The courts never saw, nor figured in various potential election law violations that included improperly labeled campaign literature, campaigning from City Hall while using city owned equipment, and false statements.
There is still another lawsuit against the City of Lakewood for public documents the courts have repeatedly ordered the City to make public. The City continues to refuse to produce them.
Meanwhile the City of Lakewood released a highly political article on the city’s website turning the spotlight on Senator Mike Skindell, attacking him for filing the action to enforce Ohio’s open meetings law in an effort to protect citizens that he represents. Decisions were made during these closed meetings that resulted in the loss of hospital services in Lakewood, the loss of more than a thousand jobs and the loss of tax revenues-- all justifiable reasons to pursue the enforcement of open meetings law violations.
While the article mentions costs to the city, it neglects to mention some of the other reasons why the City chose to hire outside legal services. It also neglects to mention that they could have made the minutes of the meetings public and/or released the documents which are the focal point of other lawsuits, which could have saved the city even more legal fees.
Many saw the piece as a PR move in response to Judge Patrick Carroll’s recent comments that the city is wasting time and money on litigation having to do with “Charlie.”
This is a clarified version of a story that appeared in print and online. As is the practice of the Lakewood Observer since day one, it runs in the same place as the original story. We also updated the Lakewood Rangers story, as the game has now been played.

Jim O'Bryan

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

Volume 14, Issue 6, Posted 9:40 PM, 03.06.2018