LHS Course Guide Provides Something For Everyone

Students at Lakewood High School and middle school 8th graders are busy poring over the latest LHS Course Guide in preparation for filling out schedule requests for next school year.  They are likely finding that the hardest part of the process is narrowing down the choices from a course selection that is arguably the broadest in the state with more than 200 courses.

Of course have your basics like English, Algebra 1, U.S. History and Biology, but how many other schools offer Horticulture, Fantasy/Science Fiction in Literature, Fashion Design & Global Foods? Not to mention the four foreign languages, 16 Advanced Placement classes and the 12 West Shore Career-Tech programs housed at Lakewood High. West Shore includes such diverse options as Theatre Arts, Cisco Networking, Automotive Technology and Culinary Arts, where students have the opportunity to run their own restaurant.

The music curriculum will wow you with its performance classes of five orchestras, five choirs and three bands in addition to Music Theory and AP Music Theory, Piano and Music History. And it doesn’t stop there. Students can join extracurricular ensembles as well such as the Ranger Marching Band and The Lakewood Project. The same wide selection can be found in the Arts Department.

Junior Frankie Bruening said she feels fortunate to have such an array of choices at her school. “Lakewood High offers a myriad of courses that allows every student to find something they are truly interested in,” she said. “My personal favorite class has been Human Rights and Conflict with Mr. Lobozzo because the content was intriguing and Mr. Lobozzo is very passionate about what he teaches.”

The thick Course Guide also lights a fire under 8th graders getting their first glimpse of all the high school has to offer.

"I am super excited about the variety of so many classes that you can pick and choose from,” said Harding Middle School’s Ellie Humphrey. “It makes me even more excited for the fall."

With the variety of classes and extracurricular activities available, it’s true that there is something for every student.

It’s also true what Board of Education Vice President Linda Beebe is fond of saying: “I don’t know how anyone can say they are bored at Lakewood High.”

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Volume 14, Issue 4, Posted 12:12 PM, 02.20.2018