Three Arches Foundation Continues Philanthropic Legacy Of Former Lakewood Hospital Foundation

Foundation renamed and repurposed with new care of health mission 

Three Arches Foundation, formerly known as the Lakewood Hospital Foundation has officially completed its transition from an independent hospital-focused development organization to a community-focused grant-making foundation. Along with a new name, the Foundation has been repurposed with a broader care of health mission that preserves its long legacy of philanthropic impact. Approval of this change was granted in mid-December 2017 following an extensive due-diligence and regulatory process that included consent from the Ohio Attorney General and Probate Court of Cuyahoga County.

The Three Arches Foundation will fulfill its new mission by awarding grants to organizations that provide services and programs focused on improving the health and well-being of those served by the former Lakewood Hospital footprint, and by working collaboratively within the community to further assess key unmet needs. Over the next several years the Foundation will focus on two priority areas, Access to Care and Behavioral Health. These priority areas were determined through research conducted during the transition process that included identifying gaps in community health that could be impacted by further investment, as well as feedback from community funders, providers and leaders in healthcare throughout Northeast Ohio.

W. Charles (Chas) Geiger III was elected by the newly-formed Three Arches Foundation Board of Directors to continue in his role as board chair. A lifelong resident of Lakewood, Geiger is actively involved in a number of Lakewood organizations and recognized for his civic leadership and community contributions. Geiger will lead a nineteen member volunteer board of directors comprised of highly qualified individuals, including representatives from the Foundation’s partner organizations, whose collective insight and leadership will guide the Foundation’s continued evolution with the resources entrusted to its care.

The new Three Arches Foundation name reflects historical significance with the three arched doors that were once the entrance into the former Lakewood Hospital’s healing community. This is further complemented with a new logo symbolizing unity as the arches architecturally convert to a single strength, with reflective light guiding the way. More information on the Foundation, including upcoming grant cycles and eligibility, can be found on the website at

Kristin G. Broadbent is president and CEO of Three Arches Foundation. Over the past 25 years, Broadbent was responsible for directing the overall operation and strategic direction of the former Lakewood Hospital Foundation and instrumental in managing the recent transition to Three Arches Foundation.

Kristin Broadbent

Submitted by Ardent Communications Group on behalf of Kristin Broadbent, president and CEO of Three Arches Foundation (formerly Lakewood Hospital Foundation).

Kristin Broadbent is the author; bio included in article copy

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