Student Artists Reel In Top Regional Awards

Senior Elyza Mihalski's self-portrait was just one of her many honored pieces at the Scholastic Art & Writing contest.

Students from Lakewood High School, the West Shore Career-Tech Media Art & Design program and Harding Middle School earned an impressively high number awards in the annual Scholastic Art & Writing Awards regional competition held in December, including 17 of the highest-honor Gold Keys and 67 honored pieces overall.

One of the Gold Keys included the District’s first-ever portfolio award, earned by senior Elyza Mihalski, who also won three other Gold Keys for her work and two Silver Keys. The top award winner was senior Micah Inak with four Gold Keys, seven Silver Keys and three Honorable Mentions.

Other Gold Key winners are 8th grader Inga Wilhelmy of Harding; Lakewood High art students Jordan Bozak, Calvin Dolatowski, Solace Duval, Kazimir Klein, Emily Perry and Anastasia Seckers; and West Shore students Sara Bitter and Riley Geyer. Gold Key winners move on to be judged at the national level of the 93-year-old competition.

Lakewood students were also well-represented at the Silver Key and Honorable Mention levels. Thirteen students won 21 Silver Keys, including two by senior Marissa Doi. Twenty students earned Honorable Mention designations for their art.

Media Art & Design teacher Anne McQuay believes the high number of winners this year is a reflection of “students creating new and exciting works that showed their own personal vision” and the high standards to which the students are held. 

Lakewood High Art Department facilitator Amy Sedlak said the school has never had so many students win so many honors. “It goes to show that our students take our program seriously,” she said. Sedlak also credited the collaborative effort among all department teachers to prepare the students for each class level. 

The Cleveland Institute of Art hosts the regional competition that recognizes creative achievement in area 7-12 grade students. The young artists compete for cash prizes, medals, and scholarship awards. A panel of local professional artists, art educators, writers, and writing educators jury the exhibit and select the awarded pieces from nearly 3,000 entries. Students who receive Portfolio Awards and Gold Key Awards continue to the national competition held in the spring in New York City.

This year’s regional winners will be honored at an awards ceremony on January 13 at the Cleveland Institute of Art and their work will be on display in the CIA’s art gallery through January. Congratulations to all the winners and their teachers Dayna Hansen, Anne McQuay, Arline Olear, Autumn Sabin and Amy Sedlak.

Gold Key Winners: (approximately 7-10% of regional entries)
Sara Bitter – Digital Art (West Shore) 
Jordan Bozak – Printmaking
Calvin Dolatowski – Printmaking
Solace Duval – Drawing & Illustration
Riley Geyer – Digital Art (West Shore)
Micah Inak (4) – Digital Art, Design, Drawing & Illustration (West Shore & LHS)
Kazimir Klein – Photography
Elyza Mihalski (4) – Painting & Portfolio
Emily Perry – Drawing & Illustration
Anastasia Seckers – Drawing & Illustration
Inga Wilhelmy – Painting (Harding)

Silver Key Winners: (approximately 10-15% of regional entries)
Destiny Canant – Drawing & Illustration
Marissa Doi (2) – Printmaking & Photography
Calvin Dolatowski – Drawing & Illustration
Solace Duval – Printmaking
Micah Inak (7) – Mixed Media, Drawing & Illustration, Painting (West Shore & LHS)
Madisyn Kelly – Photography (West Shore)
Adalyn Mankin – Photography
Elyza Mihalski (2) – Painting
Sophia Parker – Printmaking
Emily Perry - Drawing & Illustration
Avery Waffen – Digital Art (West Shore)
Fern Wentzel – Digital Art (West Shore)
Inga Wilhelmy- Painting (Harding)

Honorable Mention:
Jordan Bozak – Printmaking
Morgaine Brennan – Printmaking
Maizy Cunningham (2) – Photography
Caitlin Gang – Printmaking
Riley Geyer – Photography (West Shore)
Micah Inak (4) – Design, Drawing & Illustration (LHS & West Shore)
Evelyn Jenkins – Drawing & Illustration
Madisyn Kelly – Photography (West Shore)
Kazimir Klein – Photography
Evan Koster (2) – Photography, Film & Animation (West Shore)
Alexandra Larson (2) – Film & Animation, Design (West Shore)
Veronica Lee – Drawing & Illustration
Autumn Lods – Drawing & Illustration
Husam Mafargeh (2) – Printmaking, Drawing & Illustration
Faiza Manaa – Drawing & Illustration
Seth Marroquin – Design (West Shore)
Erin McHugh – Drawing & Illustration
Bella Smith – Photography
Chloe Soneson – Mixed Media
Lillian Utrata (2)– Drawing & Illustration
Fern Wentzel (2) – Printmaking, Film & Animation (LHS & West Shore)
Inga Wilhelmy – Painting (Harding)
Lalia Williams – Mixed Media

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