Great Presents For Lakewoodites, Or For Anyone

This past year saw the delivery of two fabulous art books/graphic novels just in time for holiday gift giving. “Tunnel To Hell - The Lake Erie Tunnel Disasters," by Lakewoodite Scott MacGregor, and “Sandwich Anarchy” by former Lakewoodite John Greiner, dealing with Lakewood’s spectacular restaurant “Melt.” Both are treats for the eyes and the head.
Scott MacGregor teamed up with legendary underground cartoon artist Gary Dumm, known for his work with Harvey Pekar, to give us an easy-to-read and graphically pleasing look at the 1916 digging of the tunnels 200 feet under Lake Erie stretching for miles, which bring clean water to the City of Cleveland. While this might not seem like a fascinating story, between Scott’s words, sense of history and sense of humanity, and Gary Dumm's amazing graphics, it is a quick and very good read, and a great edition to anyone’s books and/or coffee table.
Scott and Gary toiled over this project for many years to be certain that the words and art flowed just right, while making sure it was a proper memorial to those who lost their lives building something that we all benefit from today, over 100 years later. Not only does it carry one of Gary Dumm’s great long cartoon pieces, MacGregor outdoes himself and the topic, bringing it home. It is a must own for anyone into Cleveland, history, graphic novels, underground comics and Lakewood.

“Tunnel to Hell” is published by EOI Media Press and can be ordered online from Amazon and Barnes and Noble or downloaded from Itunes.
Likewise, John Greiner grew up in Lakewood, and was a very talented artist when a tragedy paralyzed him, but not his ability to draw, and visualize things in the most unusual manner, and create amazing, complex and beautiful images. Matt Fish, owner of the Melt, saw that, and John became his go-to guy for over a decade when it came to ads, posters and art that represented the restaurant and himself.
John, an acclaimed artist and cartoonist for years, has pumped out “Lake Erie Monster” graphic novels and other art for bands, events, and even the Lakewood Library, but his work with Melt has put them both on the map. The book “Sandwich Anarchy” compiles John’s art into one place where it can be viewed and enjoyed by all. The book is a must own for anyone into the Melt, but it also goes much deeper and can be appreciated by a much wider audience as John’s art differs from page to page, capturing not just the food, but the flavor of the name of the food, from the “Lake Erie Monster" to the "Kevin Bacon," to the "Ruben Reuben" and on and on.
You can purchase John’s Book “Sandwich Anarchy” at Melt
restaurants all over or Online at: https://
This Christmas put into the hands of friends and family something unique, something special, and something with deep Lakewood connections. These are two books everyone should own, and I mean that. Great work everyone involved, they are amazing!

Jim O'Bryan

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 13, Issue 23, Posted 10:26 PM, 12.05.2017