2017 Halloween Winners Announced!

This year we had a contest for the best Halloween decorations, and while there we many great entries, two houses, side-by-side took the grand prize! The Bowen families, on the corner of Merl and Giel, win 1st and 2nd places with their front yards of over 100 different pieces mostly hand made and built. The displays featured dripping blood, zombie armies, smoke, strobes, flying ghosts, a toxic spill site, and famous faces! Thank you for the effort and thank you all for the decorations. They will win both the $50 gift certificate from Woodstock BBQ, as well as a $25 gift certificate from India Garden/Nameste.

EVERYONE, start getting ready for the annual Christmas/Holiday Lighting Contest 2017.

Jim O'Bryan

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 13, Issue 21, Posted 5:02 PM, 11.08.2017