Bullock, Nowlin And Marx Voted Against Lakewood—It’s Time For Lakewood To Vote Against Them

Back in 2015 and again in early 2016, Councilmembers Tom Bullock, Ryan Nowlin and Cindy Marx voted to close Lakewood Hospital and give away for free more than $100 million in money and property that belonged to Lakewood citizens. The hospital was Lakewood’s largest employer and largest charity, providing annual taxes, rent and charitable services in excess of $9 million per year before all three voted AGAINST the interest of Lakewood taxpayers and AGAINST Lakewood’s most vulnerable citizens. 

Since the plan to close Lakewood Hospital first became public in 2015, I've spent more than 4,000 uncompensated hours pursuing public records, and researching and writing about the corrupt governmental process that led to what some have referred to as the “Grandest Scandal” in Lakewood history. In fact, I am currently the plaintiff in the State of Ohio, Ex Relator Brian Essi v City of Lakewood  which has been pending since June 2016 seeking the public’s records of what Bullock, Nowlin, Marx and others did to our city.

The previously concealed public records released so far in the ongoing lawsuit establish that Bullock, Marx and Nowlin have:

  1. Participated and supported a government that concealed inculpatory records of ongoing government wrongdoing for political purposes.
  2. Participated in widespread violations of the Open Meeting Laws (Sunshine Laws) to hide critical facts about the giveaway from the public---All three are still defendants in a case pending before the Ohio Supreme Court.
  3. Violated Lakewood’s home rule and public bidding laws to give away public assets at a $100 million loss.
  4. Had access to information that Metro Health Systems’ superior proposal would've provided approximately $200 million to Lakewood taxpayers over the next 10 years, saved 800 jobs, maintained a full service acute care hospital and Emergency Room and would've continued millions of dollars annually in charity care.
  5. Helped conceal records showing that Cleveland Clinic wasn't interested in caring for Lakewood’s population and it really didn't want to maintain a real emergency room in Lakewood longterm—Each official stated otherwise when they voted for the Clinic and AGAINST Lakewood.

What makes the new revelations so troublesome for the future of Lakewood and the credibility of these politicians is that:

  1. Bullock sat as our Trustee on the Hospital Board for years and says he kept Nowlin and Marx apprised of all of this plotting throughout the process that was hidden from the public---Records also prove Bullock secretly gave the Clinic the heads-up on questions in advance of public forums where Clinic officials were to speak.
  2. Marx was told in November 2013 that the hospital would be closing, but did nothing publicly or proactive with that knowledge—apparently remaining passive--at the expense of the most vulnerable among us and taxpayers.
  3. Nowlin claimed that the Clinic’s proposed Emergency Room "represented the ONLY way to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of emergency healthcare service in our city" when records prove he knew that Metro was interested in establishing a real Emergency Room but was never asked. 

Bullock, Nowlin and Marx voted AGAINST us.

It's time for us to VOTE AGAINST THEM and the dangerous government they support.

Brian Essi

Brian J. Essi is a lifelong resident of Lakewood with over 30 years of experience as a local lawyer and businessman.

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Volume 13, Issue 20, Posted 12:05 PM, 10.17.2017