More School-Based Health Center FAQs

1) If a child has a bad injury will he/she be refused service at the Health Clinic if they have not previously signed up with health insurance?

The Lakewood High Health Clinic will be staffed appropriately to assess any injury or illness. In the case of any emergency, 9-1-1 will be called, per District protocol. 

2) Is the Clinic standing in for parents when they treat children under the age of 18 without a parent present?

Although parents are encouraged to attend appointments, the enrollment packet that parents submit for their child to use the School-Based Heath Center states that the parent agrees that his/her student may be seen without the parent present.

3) What is the level of treatment offered at the Health Clinic? If a child has to be referred to a hospital or a doctor will the Clinic refer the child to only Cleveland Clinic hospitals and doctors?

Services available include the following: cold and flu symptoms; conjunctivitis, ear, throat, and sinus infections; upper respiratory and urinary tract infections; seasonal allergies; bumps and cuts; skin rashes; sprains and strains. Services will also be available for physicals; immunizations; lab tests; prescriptions; behavioral and mental health screenings; pregnancy testing; evaluation and education on various topics such as acne and weight management.

Parents can schedule follow up care if needed with the provider of their choice. 

4) How was the decision made to open this clinic inside the high school? Were other health care systems given a chance to bid on this?

The School-Based Health Center is an extension of the mobile clinic that has been in place for three years within the District.  We have been in conversation with other health care providers that are excited for the possibility of a partnership, but not yet ready to open a school-based facility. The District goal is to expand this service to our students and staff in other District buildings. 

5) Why is our school district hosting Cleveland Clinic without requiring them to pay rent, why are we providing internet, security etc for them on our own dime when they are benefiting by getting new paying customers?

The Clinic is providing its own equipment and Internet services. The District chose to maintain the ability to monitor the security of our property rather than implement secondary outside system. In exchange for space, the District is receiving the services of a nurse practitioner, social worker and psychiatrist at no charge to meet the physical and mental health needs critical to our students’ academic success.

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Volume 13, Issue 18, Posted 9:26 PM, 09.19.2017