League Of Women Voters Lakewood Voters Guide 2017


Prepared and Published by the League of Women Voters of Cleveland, Lakewood Chapter




Qualifications for Office

Question: What do you feel is the most challenging issue facing Lakewood?

Question:  How would you address this issue?

Tom Bullock

Public Affairs Consultant

I have served nearly ten years on City Council, and I have a proven record of accomplishment. Additionally, I have more than twenty years experience in government, including work in Congress as a legislative aide.

Maintain and reinvest in Lakewood's century-old homes, our community's core.

The median price of Lakewood residential properties has skyrocketed 50.9 percent since 2012, outpacing the region. We must continue to strengthen values but also address deferred maintenance (which persists) through consistent code enforcement and by expanding assistance to homeowners who face challenges in maintaining and improving their homes.

Meghan F. George

Account Executive

I have been involved with the City of Lakewood in numerous capacities throughout my lifelong residency. Additionally, my campaign has been endorsed by organizations representing the Lakewood Police, Firefighters and City Employees

Transparency is one of the most challenging issues.

I am committed to open, honest and transparent government and will always keep the interests of Lakewood residents first. As an inner ring suburb we have unique needs and we need leaders who are creative in addressing them.  Additionallyy, we need to focus on safety, infrastructure, housing and senior services

Cindy Marx

Practice Manager, Raj Plastic Surgery


Opioid Epidemic

Work in cooperation with the Administration and health care providers to increase our outreach to educate the signs of addition. Knowledge is power. Support Lakewood's SOAR Project helping those seeking sobriety meet success.  We must work hard to bring addiction out of whispers of embarrassment and into cries of encouragement.

Ryan Nowlin

Attorney, (Schneider Smeltz Spieth Bell LLP), Lakewood City Councilmember

Councilmember since January, 2011; former Chair of the Finance and Public Safety Committees; current Chair of the Public Works Committee; experienced in dispute resolution; fourth-generation Lakewood resident  

How to combat the opioid crisis.  

We must partner with the county, state and other agencies to implement innovative strategies for fighting the crisis. It's much more complex than just an anti-crime initiative; there are too many families that are victims of the epidemic who need help, along with the addicts themselves.

Tristan Rader

Community Organizer

OSHIIP Volunteer County Coordinator, Cleveland Food Bank Outreach; Bernie Sanders Campaign Field Director

Reaching out and listening to all members of our community.

Public officials need to talk with the community more. Better engagement is key to all our other challenges. The opioid crisis would not have been overlooked in a 2016 assessment, for example, if government listened more. In particular we should empower citizen committees that are burdened with too many rules.

Brian Taubman


Prior candidate for Lakewood Municipal Court Judge. Attorney for 10 years. A proud Lakewood resident who truly cares about the people, businesses, and animals of our city.

Lakewood's government is reactive and behind the times

I would propose legislation to move Lakewood forward. I would start by addressing our aging housing market, rising crime rates, the opioid epidemic, environmental issues, unfair breed-specific legislation (BSL), and programs that help our youth and seniors.





for Office

Question:  What do you feel is the most challenging issue facing Lakewood Schools?

Question:  How would you address this issue?

Betsy Bergen Shaughnessy

Revenue Analyst, UH St. John Medical Center

Member of the Lakewood Board during period of change, growth and community involvement. Active community member with strong commitment to Lakewood.

Meeting the needs of all students under current funding structure.        

Improving student achievement and academic success depends on supporting:

-meeting the needs of each child

-continuing development of all staff

-actively engaging children and families in student learning

-fiscal stability and transparency

-communication with the community

-integration of technology

-early childhood education

Edward Favre

Retired Lakewood Police Officer, Sheriff's Deputy,  Public Safety and Criminal Justice Consultant

40+ years experience in Public Safety, criminal Justice and Government. 30+ years involvement with Lakewood City Schools, 20+ years on Board of Education. Ohio School Boards Assn. Distinguished Board Member

Accommodating student population and needs with failed State finances and regulations.. 

We must be mindful of the changing population in Lakewood and encourage family housing in the City. We must continue to be able to provide quality education to all children of all needs and abilities equal to or better than charter and private schools.  We must be open and transparent.

Pam Smith

Pam Smith is the Co-Chair, along with Mary Osburn, of the Voter Service Committee of the Lakewood Chapter of the League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland.

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