Perfectly Imperfect: Chloe Simone Derethik Photo Show At Root Café

Many artists and photographers do not get their own show until middle age, if at all. Many of even the most talented find putting a show together an overwhelming task, and many never even try. Not Chloe Simone Derethik. This 14-year-old photographer who currently attends Magnificat High School will roll out her show at the Root Café, August 14.

Her show called: "Photography Exhibit: Perfectly Imperfect: An exploration of life through the eyes of a 14-year-old girl," does just that, it allows the visitor to see life through her eyes. You ask, what is the big deal? Anyone can take photos. While most of us have cameras on our phones, as Ansel Adams once pointed out, “Owning a Nikon does not make a person a photographer, merely a Nikon owner." In my life in the arts, and working with many photographers at the Observer, you learn anyone can take a photo, but very few can take more than one that makes you stop, look, think, and come back. Check out Chole’s work, technical, and artistically spot on, a fun show to see.

“My entire education has been filled with challenges and setbacks. I must learn things my own way, visualize what I am learning. Photography is a way that I can express myself in a community of artists that don’t judge, I connect with creative people and feel most at home when I can freely express and create,” said Chloe. “Lately I have been exploring portraits, non-traditional ways to capture people’s unique beauty. I have spent the last two summers at Camp Woodward exploring new ways of expressing myself in digital media, film, and most recently photography."

Her interests: “I am considering going into the Arts and possibly Public Relations. Travel is very important to me as you will see through my photography from our 2016 trip to Portugal, Maine’s rustic beauty, and in my own backyard of Cleveland, Ohio. I am inspired by different things at different times. Photography lets me be in the moment.”

The Root Café has been a good home to talented artists, musicians, and photographers for over a decade. There is a long wait to even get considered for a show, and Julie Hutchison, owner, entrepreneur, and dancer is a tough judge of what gets onto the walls for thousands to see. Chloe deserved the shot, and now you deserve the break to stop by the Root Café and enjoy some great coffee, tea, vegetarian food, and Chloe Simone Derethik photos.

    •    Date of Display: August 14, 2017 -September 10, 2017
    •    Photography Opening August 18, 2017 5-7 p.m.  
    •    Location: Root Café 15118 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood Ohio

Jim O'Bryan

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 13, Issue 16, Posted 6:15 PM, 08.15.2017