Abandoned Property Listing From The Lakewood Historical Society

Property Description: 2 large format photographs, Hiram Preparatory Conference, 1932-1933; signed by Lakewood Participants. 1 Sunday School certificate, presented to Mrs. Harry E. Garner for her service.

Date of Acquisition: 6/29/2015

Property Owner Name and Last Known Address: Kenneth Sullivan, 1348 West Clifton Blvd., Lakewood, OH, 44107

This listing is a formal declaration of abandoned property currently in the care of the Lakewood Historical Society. If the owner of the property does not contact the Lakewood Historical Society within 90 days of this listing, the Lakewood Historical Society will become the new legal owner of this property under the Ohio Museum Property Act (Ohio Revised Code sections 3385.01-3385.10). Please contact the Lakewood Historical Society at 216-221-7343 or curator@lakewoodhistory.org for more information regarding the reclamation or donation of the objects listed here.

Alyse Lamparyk

I am a volunteer member of Lakewood Historical Society's Publicity Committee.

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Volume 13, Issue 16, Posted 6:15 PM, 08.15.2017