21st Century Sane Solutions To Co-Exist With Urban Wildlife

Beautiful buck.

Recently, a panel of several "experts" presented a program at the library concerning urban wildlife issues such as coyote and deer.

There are NO lethal or surgical solutions that have ever effectively, affordably or safely controlled or reduced wild animal populations. However, the EPA just approved a highly effective, affordable birth control agent for deer and other mammals that does little, if any, harm.

Now, agencies like Ohio Division of Wildlife and certain special interest groups and individuals are scrambling to hold onto profits and a dying bloodsport by sending "experts" who recommend hunting and other lethal measures as "solutions."

Find out what has, has not, and will work at the free public presentation: "21st Century, Sane Solutions to Co-Exist with Urban Wildlife" by an unbiased researcher and experienced citizen scientist who has seen this complex issue from all angles at Lakewood Public Library main branch (Detroit Avenue) Thursday, August 10 at 6 p.m.

Lakewood native Lucy McKernan has extensively researched urban deer and other wildlife issues, organized a Referendum and legal action in her community, engaged national/leading wildlife fertility experts, and petitioned local governments for redress in order to reframe the way we look at this modern dilemma actually caused and perpetuated for profit by divisions of wildlife everywhere.

Lucy McKernan


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Volume 13, Issue 15, Posted 5:08 PM, 08.01.2017