Harrison Royals Bring International Flavor To Little League

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  • The team poses for a group photo.

  • Deidre McNamara, a Cleveland State student, helps coach the Royals.

  • Here is McNamara guiding a Royal runner to third base.

  • The team is the brainchild of Harrison teacher Tiffany Hickey (right).

  • Hickey helps the kids get ready to re-take their defensive positions.

  • Deidre is a huge help with the team...and she always maintains a calm composure.

  • Coach Mark McNamara (right) and Hickey lead the postgame outings to The Gorilla.

  • The kids pick up their treats with Coach Deidre.  

  • Deidre handles the all-important Gummi Bear distribution.

  • The kids pose with The Gorilla.

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