Re: Police Brutality Should Have No Place In Lakewood

  Police Brutality Should Have No Place In Lakewood by Tim Collingwood, only tells part of the story. In November of last year, Sabrina Robinson's daughter was visiting the Madison Branch of the Lakewood library to hang out after school and probably get some studying done. This is a biased summary of the events that took place.  Is a web link to an article that details the situation with video of the altercation. The officer was wrong, was administratively punished, no criminal charges filed and the city will probably loose the civil case.

  Lakewood's Public Library System has rules of conduct for patrons. If they violate these rules they can be asked or in this case forced to leave. Please remember that Sabrina Robinson's  17 year old daughter violated these rules to begin with, that is what set this chain of events in motion. Such removals are not uncommon. This is why off duty Lakewood Police Officers are paid to work security in the libraries. Officer Jones did use excessive force, his 40 hour suspension is evidence of that. If Sabrina Robinson's daughter hadn't violated library policy and / or complied with the order to leave there wouldn't have been an incident. She is not an innocent in this situation. 

  All I'm asking for is to tell the whole story. Don't lay out fodder in an attempt to increase the pay out from the civil suit. But, that is just my opinion.

John A. Mazzei

Volume 13, Issue 14, Posted 3:03 PM, 07.05.2017