WE CELEBRATE: At a recent Lakewood City Council meeting, six Lakewood Homes were acknowledged, and the homeowners were congratulated, as winners in the 2016 Beautiful Home Awards sponsored by Keep Lakewood Beautiful. The Beautiful Home Awards contest is an effort by KLB to both raise awareness of, and to appreciate, the efforts of so many Lakewood property owners who invest time, talent and resources in making their properties visually appealing. Gardening is a way that people both enjoy nature and literally show their pride in their home and community.

The six winners and their gardeners for 2016 are: Sarah Loomer and Zach Smith, 1050 Lakeland; Debbie and Ric Rada, 2033 Bunts; Ray and Joanne Heinart, 2388 Woodward Avenue; Paul and Terry Schuerger, 14216 Bayes; Jonathon Tallman and David Reichert, 1538 Elbur; and Linda White and Gail Perusek, 1287 Summit.

The winning homes were selected from over 20 nominations. All neighborhoods of the city received nominations and the winners represent North, South, East and West side areas.  Judging is based on criteria that includes eye catching landscaping and thoughtfully maintained homes.

LET’S NOMINATE:  Keep Lakewood Beautiful is now accepting nominations for the 2017 Keep Lakewood Beautiful Home Awards process ! It is easy to nominate a home that you notice as beautifully landscaped and noteworthy....simply email Luann Baker at luann.baker@lakewoodoh.net, or call and leave a message at (216) 529-6601. Submit your nomination by July 31st!  KLB will take it from there.  There are many, many beautifully landscaped and maintained homes in Lakewood...please take the time to call out your own, or someone else's, good efforts.

Ruth Gillett

Chair of the Keep Lakewood Beautiful Board.

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Volume 13, Issue 12, Posted 2:48 PM, 06.20.2017