Time To Add Labrador Retrievers To List Of Banned Dogs In Lakewood

I've been doing a lot of research lately on dogs. As an animal photographer, I do my best to research all breeds so that I have a full understanding of them. It's helpful to go into a session having a good feel for a dog's disposition.

Lately I've been researching dog bite stats. I get my information from the local news and the internets. I see the pit-bull maulings. And lately, I've noticed many more Labrador Retriever bites. For some reason, these news websites differentiate between the dogs. When a pit hurts someone, it's called a mauling. When a lab or other dog hurts someone, it's typically called a bite or attack by the news. 

Even though the average person can't indentify a pit-mix, the news runs with what they say. Don't blame them. They're local news and they need the advertising dollars. Pit-bull "mauling" stories get more website hits and that leads to more advertising dollars. It's about the bottom line after all. They're running a business. You can't blame them for not fact checking. Sensationalized pit maulings = money. Retrievers biting people? Not so interesting.

Back to the labs. I think it is time that the City of Lakewood seriously consider adding Labrador Retrievers to the banned breed list. They are dangerous and we need to keep our streets safe. Since 2008 the city has protected us against pit-bull terrier mixes. I now call on Mayor Summers and the council to keep us safe from labs. It used to be Rottweilers, Shepherds, Dobermans and Pits. Now it's going to be the lab for the next 10 years or so until we figure out the next dog to demonize.

This is how the new lab ban would work. It would mirror the pit-bull terrier mix ban. If you currenlty have a lab, don't worry. You will be grandfathered in and will not have to leave the city or get rid of your family dog. However, your dog will have to follow different rules than other dogs. If you have a mutt that looks like a lab, an unreliable DNA test will be required. If your dog is determined to be 50.1% labrador retriever, it will be automatically considered dangerous. It doesn't matter if your lab has never hurt a human or another dog. It is automatically dangerous based on the way it looks. If your dog is 49.9% lab, don't worry. You and your dog are safe from discrimination. It is not dangerous.

If you are not a Lakewood resident but would like to move here and think that you have a dog that is over 50% lab, be careful. Send photos to Lakewood Animal Control first for visual approval by people trained on breed identification. If they are unsure, you will be required to get an unreliable DNA test and show the results to them. 

I get it. You're an average looking white person. You own a house and don't rent. Your lab is your family. Your children love it. They grew up with it. You love it. You rescued it. You payed lots of money for it. It's never hurt a fly. You can't just up and move out of the city you call your home. Blah, blah, blah. Save your breath people. The city’s safety is at risk people! Watch the news! Forget the experts. Forget the science. Forget the studies that show breed bans don't make cities safer and end up costing tax payers a lot of money. Watch the local news and see what is happening out there. Do what is right for the community and reach out to your councilperson. Tell them you want the labs added to the banned breed list. Then mark your calendar for 10 years from now. Golden Retrievers are next. 

Please love them all and help put an end to breed discriminatory legislation. I wish humans loved like pit-bulls.


Greg Murray

Born and raised in Lakewood, I'm an animal photographer and Lakewood homeowner with two rescue dogs. I don't discriminate based on the way a dog looks. I love them all.

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Volume 13, Issue 11, Posted 12:39 PM, 06.06.2017