When, Judge..... When?

I recently read in the Plain Dealer, that Judge John O’Donnell had been seen “engaged in some light moshing” at the House of Blues. Now, "moshing" means to deliberately jostle with other dancers. It’s a highly energetic experience, and I truly hope he enjoyed himself! But, I got to wondering when he might put some of that energy to work on his court cases. Well, actually... one court case in particular.

As a supporter of the Lakewood citizens efforts to save Lakewood Hospital, I have been following on the internet the lawsuit filed almost two years ago to keep our hospital from being wrongfully closed due to the clandestine collusion between the Cleveland Clinic and Lakewood’s elected officials. 

I have become disheartened that the judge has delayed to rule on motions filed months ago, some even over a year ago. Granted, running for the Supreme Court took up a lot of his time, but that campaign has been over for more than four months.  

I’d heard from several lawyers that Judge O’Donnell was one of the few hard workers among the judges. And, there is no question, that a voluminous amount of reading is required to make a ruling. He has received hundreds upon hundreds of pages of supporting documentation revealing the furtive dealings directed to closing a busy, full-service, city-owned hospital... despite its continued profit year after year after year.

So, although I was disappointed in the recurrent postponing in his decision-making on the important Lakewood Hospital case, I still voted for him.

I have long heard the maxim that justice delayed is justice denied. The only one benefiting from the prolonged delay upon the pending motions to the Lakewood Hospital case is the Cleveland Clinic. The citizens of Lakewood certainly are not.

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Volume 13, Issue 10, Posted 3:13 PM, 05.16.2017