Tiara Day May 24th

This is a special day that began in the year 2005. Our salon only found out about it this year, 2017 is our first year for Tiara Day. Our service with tiaras started when a mom called in to honor her daughter's request for an experience like the first Princess movie, where the princess gets her hair done. Of course we thought she should leave with a tiara too. The collection of Disney movies are well-known and loved by the little girls.  

Do you know that in the very distant past Persian men wore tiaras too? Back to the present, a gal named Barb created this holiday and has a Facebook page and wants anyone who wants to share her holiday to post.

So get out any tiara you might have packed away or come to our salon. We will be having displays  from May 24th thru Saturday, May 27.

Thanks to imports a lot of the tiaras are affordable. Crystal, rainbow colors, plastic, and metal designs are included with the message tiaras. 'Happy birthday,'  'Bride to be,' and 'Mom to be' are popular.

Think about why besides the prior reasons you would want to wear a tiara. One request was for a 21st birthday, first drink outing with friends with the entire group dressed up glam with princess head gear. Share your ideas with us .

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Volume 13, Issue 10, Posted 3:13 PM, 05.16.2017