This Year's Horrible Fest: A Delightful Preview

The annual (Not) Horrible Fest is upon us once again. Several days and nights of rock 'n' roll, mostly at Now That's Class (11213 Detroit Ave.). For those who feel like you may be interested, here’s what’s gonna be going on. 

Thurs., May 25

Before the real fest even starts, there’s a pre-fest party at Now That’s Class, featuring the original lineup of local legends Brainwashed Youth making a rare appearance. Opening will be two other cool local bands, Saucepan Records’ own Real Regular and Perverts Again, for whom this show will double as a release party for their new single, “My Accident,” on Total Punk Records. 

9 PM - $5 / free with weekend pass

Fri., May 26

To kick off the fest, there’ll be a backyard barbecue at Now That’s Class. This barbecue will not only feature food, but also backyard games, a hot tub, and live entertainment from yardcore favorites Weed Whacker and Lido Lounge (who I’m pretty sure have been playing shows around town recently as Dime Disguise, so I’m not sure what’s up with the name change). 

5 PM - free

The event proper kicks off promptly at 8. Night 1 will feature several New York acts (Warthog (Beach Impediment), Kaleidoscope (Feel It)and La Misma (Toxic State)), one Pittsburgh group (Empty Beings), and two local acts, d-beat group Lacerate and electronic/techno act Prostitutes. In addition to all this, local legend DJ Deutschland Jerky Rave will be playing records between bands. 

8 PM - $20

Sat., May 27

This year’s matinee show will be held at Sidetrack Cafe, located in beautiful Lakewood, Ohio. Bands featured will include DOG, Dianetics, and Birch Boys, as well as some area talent (which if you know me, you know that’s what I’m most looking forward to) from Cruelster spin-off group Know So, the affable lads known as The Roobydocks, and Street Gurgler, who I don’t know anything about, but apparently they’ll have Mr. California with them. 

1 PM - $10

Closing the fest out on its second night will be a guaranteed barrage of stuff you may or may not wish to witness. Two acts who have recently signed to a major label, Toronto’s (or Australia’s, or Cleveland’s) own Blow Blood Records, Bulsch and Magic City, will be kicking things off. BB Eye, featuring the man known as Lumpy himself will provide some new wave synthy something or another for your general pleasure, Janitor Scum (who put out one of my absolute favorite records of 2016) have come all the way from Calgary to make you learn, and Hank Wood & The Hammerheads will also be there. 

8 PM - $20

There’s also probably some afterparty-type stuff going on, but I don’t know anything about that. Ask a punk, so long as that punk isn’t me. If you like to save your money, weekend passes (which will get you into all shows detailed above) are available for only $42 at the NTC bar or at My Mind’s Eye or probably even some other places that I’m unaware of. Tune in a few weeks from now for my extensive review.

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Volume 13, Issue 10, Posted 3:01 PM, 05.16.2017