Grant 3rd Graders Love Lakewood Project - Doughnut Pantry

The Doughnut Pantry by Matthew C.

On Wednesday, March 21st our projects were due. These projects were all about Lakewood. First you had to pick a location. It could be any location as long as it was located in Lakewood. Second you had to write and research your location. If you could, you had to do an interview. It could be the owner, a worker, or just a senior citizen. As long as they knew about your location. The papers had to be at least one whole page long. The max was two whole pages. Finally you had to make a model of your building. The outside like the outside, and the inside similar to the inside. You could use any material you wanted but the size had to be in the range of a shoebox. The project was started on the first of March so you had three weeks to do it. Some of these projects included GV Art + Design by Rowan L., The Root Cafe by Miles E., KB Confections by Cooper R., Lion & Blue by Cole H., Winking Lizard Tavern by Ellie H., and many others.

My project was about the Doughnut Pantry. Located at 14600 Madison Avenue, it has been in Lakewood since 1984. That’s 33 years! Before the Doughnut Pantry was in Lakewood there were two other doughnut shops in the same location. (14600 Madison Ave). Down in the Metroparks the Lakewood Soccer Association buys doughnuts from the Doughnut Pantry and then sells the doughnuts at the games on Saturday. The Doughnut Pantry is important to Lakewood because it is a small family-run business (run by Mr. Lucky, his wife, and his three kids) and it is not a chain business. The Doughnut Pantry has only one location now, but used to have another one on Lorain Avenue. The Doughnut Pantry is important to me because it is near my house and because its food tastes amazing.

The opening day was nerve racking. I was so nervous I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to like my project. The people who came in made it even worse. There were so many people including important ones like Mayor Summers and owners of the businesses! For my project I handed out doughnuts to all the visitors. Luckily for me my project was a big hit! Many people showed up and gave me compliments and most people said that they go there all the time! Overall I thought that the day went really well! So many people and projects got lots and lots of compliments! Some of the projects are still in Grant Elementary School where they were all presented originally! I hope the projects brought pride to the awesome city of Lakewood!

Christine Masgras

3rd grade teacher- submitting work from students

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Volume 13, Issue 8, Posted 10:01 PM, 04.18.2017