Lakewood Women's Club Celebrates 55 Years

From 1962 to 2017 the Lakewood Women’s Club has shaped & contributed to the Lakewood community. Past achievements include the sponsorship of the Women’s pavilion in Lakewood Park. Over $30,000 in scholarship money has been awarded on merit to high school women seniors to pursue further studies. Since 1995 over $200,000 has been awarded to support vital community organizations in Lakewood including the Beck’s Center, Live Well Lakewood, Meals on Wheels, the HUGS Foundation & Trinity Church community outreach programe to name a few.

The Lakewood Women’s Club is committed to continuing its support & funding of these vital services in our community.

Membership offers the opportunity to actively participate in these programs and engage in fundraising to support our social community role in Lakewood. Membership furthers friendships of all women in Lakewood through leadership, openness & acceptance of each other. On Saturday May 4th, 2017 we are launching & celebrating the women honoring women event to coincide with our 55 years since we were founded. This event will be hosted at Vosh.

If you would like to join our organization call our membership chair Ingrid White @ 216-228-7003. For more information on our membership & programs go to our website

ingrid white

reside in Lakewood for 10 years, born in South Africa, lived and travelled in Europe, retired pediatric neurologist and epilepsy expert, sail lake Erie in the summer, grow orchids, practice Ikebana, activist on womens' and social justice issues. Member of Lakewood Womens' Club, Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. On the Board of Trustees of the Epilepsy Association, a not for profit that exclusively provides resources to people with epilepsy.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 5:10 PM, 04.04.2017