Lakewood Project Ready For Road Tour

The Lakewood Project, Lakewood High’s electric rock orchestra, will be taking its show on the road! The group, the first of its kind in the country when it was formed in 2002, will be traveling to Delaware City Schools, Indian Hill Schools, and Ashland City Schools from March 22-24.

The schools were chosen because of Lakewood City Schools connections with the orchestra directors at each. In Delaware, the middle school orchestra director is Abby Wimbiscus, a former Lakewood Project member, as is Sarah Sponsler, the Ashland High School orchestra director. In Indian Hill, former Lakewood High Orchestra student teacher Trista Emmons is the director of orchestra.

The Lakewood Project will perform a concert at each school as well as give approximately 10 clinics to students in grades 4-12. The clinics will give the LHS musicians a chance to teach improvisation, arranging, and playing songs by ear.

According to Lakewood High Orchestra Director Beth Hankins, The Lakewood Project has toured Ohio several times in the past and even made it as far as Utah and Texas to share its musical ideas.

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Volume 13, Issue 6, Posted 8:14 PM, 03.21.2017