Freshened Dressin'

I was highly critical when the new policy for LHS dress-code was released. To me it was just another set of rules. In 2015 a relatively informal protest was conducted by students after a school-wide conversation started about the dress-code, and what it was like from our perspectives. Some people had never had a bad experience with the dress-code, so they did not feel against it. On the other hand, those who have had bad experiences with the dress-code did have opposition for it.

This is a simple explanation of what occurred the first week of school back in 2015. But since we are talking about high schoolers, (people aged between 14 and 18) all in one building, (which was really 2 at the time) and are equipped with sarcastic and dramatic responses, not to mention digital commentary on the web; the school was in a state of petty debate.

The general guidelines are pretty specific which I was slightly weary of at the time. In fact, I didn't really feel any excitement until someone told me how great it was and that I should feel good about it. So I just took a second to think about the whole situation and how it had started back in freshman year. I had already had a pretty harsh opinion of the dress-code, and I wasn’t afraid to break the rules, although I never really saw there being any change while I was there.

Soon after the beginning of the school year, it was pretty clear that not only were the past rules unnecessary, but they also created a lot of unneeded stress between students and staff. I mean, what adult wants to look at a person and tell them their skirt is a few inches too high above their knee? There are significantly fewer people getting in trouble for the clothes they wear, which was once quite the distraction in someone’s day. Also quite ironic since back then the clothes were seen as being the distraction.

Leah Fedor


Volume 13, Issue 3, Posted 4:24 PM, 02.07.2017