Diversity Potluck - A Slam Dunk For Lakewood!

This year, Lakewood’s Community Relations Advisory Commission celebrated Lakewood’s diversity with its annual Diversity Potluck. The event was held at Lakewood’s Women’s Pavilion in Lakewood Park. Oh, it was a fine time! We tasted, laughed, sipped, shared; we reminisced, dreamed, listened, and planned. This may not resonate for all, so I’ll expand a bit. We tasted foods from some of Lakewood’s most esteemed restaurants, sipped delicious teas and coffees, and shared delicious recipes with friends and neighbors whose dinners may look a little different than what some are accustomed to. The menu included cultural and exotic favorites such as fried chicken, a delicious Indian Pakora and tasty chutney, Tahiri rice (very tasty!), Pizza, Gyros with tzatziki sauce, and many, many more unforgettable dishes. There was far too much food, and everyone in attendance gained 5 lbs!

A special thanks to Mayor Mike Summers and Council Person Cindy Marx who both shared in the festivities. Council Person Marx shared Lakewood’s Human Rights Ordinance. This necessary and important document can be found at http://www.onelakewood.com. More thanks are extended to local restaurants whose generous food donations are deeply appreciated. These restaurants include: Barocco, India Garden, Thai Kitchen, Aladdin’s Eatery, Bylo Gyro, Tommy’s Pastries, The Root Café, Blackbird Bakery, Breadsmith, and Taco Tontos. Please forgive our oversight if your donation was not mentioned. Special thanks also to Nahida Faurina for help with posters, and Jason Elston with wonderful ‘twisty balloons’ for the kids –and the kids at heart! In case you missed this year’s event, the potluck is always held the Thursday after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day! 

The Community Relations Advisory Commission is "charged to advise, educate, and promote community relations. The mission of the Commission is to foster participation in the community; to encourage and promote respectful conversations and collaborative efforts among and between residents and city officials; and to promote equity, respect, and diversity within the city." Participation on the commission is voluntary and contingent upon appointment by the mayor and city.

Bernadette Elston is a member of the city of Lakewood Community Relations Advisory Commission and an (almost) ten year resident of the wonderful city of Lakewood. Her interest in becoming an Observer is directly related to her responsibilities on the commission.

Bernadette Elston

I am a member of the city of Lakewood Community Relations Advisory Commission and a (almost) ten year resident of the wonderful city of Lakewood. My interest in becoming an observer are directly related to my responsibilities on the commission.

Volume 13, Issue 4, Posted 4:35 PM, 02.07.2017