Rising Star Coffee Pops Up At Bottlehouse Brewery

Six-year-old, Cleveland-based Rising Star Coffee Roasters launched a coffee bar inside Bottlehouse Brewery’s Madison Avenue location on December 19th. It is the coffee company’s fourth retail location with all three previous cafes located in Cleveland.

Rising Star continually received requests to open a café in Lakewood and had been eyeing Madison Avenue’s growing food and drink scene. There is a pre-existing partnership between the businesses since Bottlehouse sourced coffee from Rising Star for its aptly named Rising Star Stout. Since Bottlehouse’s tasting room and mead hall routinely opened at 4pm each day, it left an entire morning and afternoon available. Conversations naturally led to the trial coffee bar concept in the space with hopes of making a more permanent location in the area.

The coffee bar opens at 6am Mondays through Saturdays and at 8am on Sundays. It features single origin coffees that Rising Star is known for, brewed by either aeropress or pour-over method. Rising Star Coffee buys beans from Central America, South America, Africa and Indonesia and roasts them nearby in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood. Bags of coffee beans are available for sale for those looking to brew at home. Bagels and bakery items from fire food and drink are also available just as they are in Rising Star’s other cafes.

One of the biggest benefits at this location is the big amount of space which is three to four times larger than the coffee company’s other locations. The Bottlehouse space offers many seating options which include communal tables. Rising Star envisions this as a great place for family and friends to gather, meetings to be held or individuals to camp out with their laptops and coffee.

Rising Star Coffee Roasters is hosting a free open house at 13368 Madison Avenue on Saturday, January 21st from 9am to noon. They will be sampling multiple origin coffees, demonstrating bean roasting on a portable roaster and comparing the aeropress versus pour over methods for visitors. Chocolate milk will be on hand for any younger guests. All are welcome to attend and people are encouraged to stop in prior to the event.

Michele Kilroy

Michele Kilroy is the Brand Evangelist for Rising Star Coffee Roasters

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