Our "Bin" Memories

An open letter to all former employees and trainees of Nature's Bin/Cornucopia Inc.

As "The Bin" closed it's doors for good on November 12, 2016, may we take some time to recall old memories. In my heart, "it's see ya soon" from this Bin grad. For others …hearts are broken, as this is a funeral of an institution that provided work and friendship for so many. Please remember that when one door closes, another will open. New, exciting adventures await. Just like little kid's, "let's embrace this new era of uncertainty with wide-eyed eagerness, optimism, and willingness to venture into the unknown."

May we all look back at our time at the bin fondly and remember all of the good occasions ( March 22, 2016- Volume 12, Issue 7) and friends made.

God Bless dear friend, you will never be forgotten by me and so many others that you have lifted through the years.

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Volume 12, Issue 25, Posted 7:29 PM, 12.06.2016