Technology Is Great But People Still Need That Personal Human Touch

Technology and Social Media are great, but they cannot replace human touch or personal face to face contact.

As Insurance Agents, We definitely advocate the use of technology to help our clients and we certainly need to be able to access our clients' insurance policies online. Client education is important and our website, Facebook page, and LinkedIn posts are used to educate and inform our prospects and customers.

However, technology in no way, shape or form can replace good old-fashioned one-on-one human contact. Our personal touch is what sets us apart from other insurance agencies out there. We are out there meeting with clients face-to-face. Building relationships is an integral part of what we do and that can’t be accomplished just by social media networking. Our consulting capability can never be replaced with pure technology. The human touch is so important.

Our expert advice is vitally important when an enormous amount of insurance information can be found online these days. Just because this information is accessible to the consumer, doesn’t mean they really know what to do with it. The consumer needs guidance to know what pertains to his/her situation. We provide the guidance needed to wade through the plethora of details. Insurance is extremely complicated. You need a knowledgeable agent that can provide the best coverage for you from the right insurance carrier that provides the type of coverage best suited to your needs. You have to be able to ask questions of a live body on the other end of the phone. Yes, an actual phone call needs to take place - an old-fashioned means of communication. LOL!

This is what sets independent agents like us apart. We are not afraid of the phone. And, Independent agents are in the best position to take care of your insurance needs because we work with multiple insurance carriers rather than being locked into the products offered by only one company as captive agents are. And, we answer our phones unlike the "Big Box" insurance companies - yes, you know who they are! We call you back.

Technology is most important when it comes to customer service, after the client is onboard. Things like providing electronic copy of evidence of coverage, providing electronic copies of policies, taking online payments or filing a claim electronically. We have, however, worked hard to create our own space in the digital world – so we understand the importance of being on Facebook, LinkedIn, and having our Agency website.

The value of our expertise can’t be obtained when consumers just shop online. Unfortunately, online companies have reduced insurance shopping to a low level pricing commodity and always say the same thing – that it's only about the lowest price. That is so untrue. There are extreme differences in width and breadth of coverages, so you need face to face interaction and you need to compare.

We provide great value to our customers and make sure they have the proper coverage they need. It’s not just about how cheap the coverage may be. We make sure the money they spend on their insurance premium is protecting them the way they need it to.

Lakewood is not a "faceless" community and I love that we keep that personal human touch with our fellow Lakewoodites.

Mary Bodnar is Marketing Manager as well as Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent for Gordon Tower Insurance Agency in Lakewood.

Mary Bodnar

Mary Bodnar is Marketing Manager as well as Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent for Gordon Tower Insurance Agency at 14701 Detroit Ave, Suite # 362 Lakewood 216/663-7777. She is also professional freelance writer who has been published in a wide range of newspapers and magazines – Great Lakes Mariner Magazine, Your Boat Connection, Cleveland/Akron Family Magazine, Lake Erie Living Magazine, CBC (Cleveland Business Connect) Magazine, Cleveland Jewish News and many other newsletters and publications over the years.  She is also Editor and Press Agent for the book “Music of Our Spheres: A Collection of Ruminations”  by Dillon Bodnar available on She is co-host of Word Lovers Writers Retreats in Lakeside, OH w/writer friend Claudia Taller. In addition she was the Theater Critic for the Lakewood Observer Newspaper as well as being a regular contributing writer covering human interest stories for the Lakewood Observer.  Mary also conducted all the extensive interviews with five ordained women that formed the core of the multi-media production “Making Waves” play. She is also an established workshop presenter and has shared her love of poetry, not only through her dance performance programs but as a poetry writing educator with a variety of groups. Her Odes Writing Poetry Workshop has received accolades from attendees. As a volunteer, she also writes and is the copy editor for her church website and other church publications. 

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