“Christmas Secret”

I know a Christmas Secret,

I think all of you should know,

And being the nice guy that I am,

This secret, I’m going to show;

It’s all about “Light Up Lakewood”,

And why it shows up every year,

Plus all the work that makes it great,

That brings this Christmas cheer;

First of all, LakewoodAlive,

They get the bestest volunteers,

Friends, neighbors, Lakewood merchants,

They have helped, all these years;

They put their heads together,

To work and figure out a plan,

For entertainment, games, and such,

Yes, they work hand in hand;

There’s lunch with Santa,

And hundreds of holiday lights,

With fun songs, from holiday Christmas carolers,

That enhance all the Christmas sights;

Food trucks with goodies and hot chocolate,

Ice carvings that will amaze,

Smiling parents with excited children,

That will keep you in a Christmas daze;

Next you’ll want to line up,

For a treat that Santa made,

And you’ll want to shout and cheer for them,

At their famous Christmas parade;

Then it’s on to Vendor Village,

Inside historic Masonic Temple and it’s treats,

Then Lakewood Public Library for Santa,

Where he, meets and greets;

But one of the best gifts for you and I,

Is at Lakewood City Park, as we look up at the sky

You will see our great Christmas fireworks display,

A wonderful ending for an amazing special day;

Then you will know the Christmas Secret,

For all this day was done for love,

From all of us to all of you,

And from the man upstairs above;


The Christmas Secret is “Love”

And Love starts with the letter L,

Also, Lakewood starts with the letter L,

So we guarantee you’ll have one “L” of a good time


Light Up Lakewood!


Bill Knittel

Lakewood Poet Laureate

Bill Knittel

Poem by Bill Knittel

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Volume 12, Issue 24, Posted 4:35 PM, 11.22.2016