Netflix Review

Netflix is a domain that features many shows that are popular on cable without having to pay lots of money for cable. I have some reviews on some of the shows that they have picked to put on Netflix.  

I am going to start with the new show "Stranger Things" which became quite popular. "Stranger Things" is a "horror" show though it is not very creepy unless you think about it deeply. It is action packed yet very emotional so it definitely appeals to most people. It is a very interesting show and kind of hard not to finish, though it is not really a show that you re-watch.

Now I am going to review "Fuller House." Though many people watch and enjoy it I personally hate this show. Most of the views of this show come from 10-13 year-olds which should show just how bad it is, but the fact of how childish it is should also sum it up. It seems like all the characters including the adults are kids. Although lots of people will tell you otherwise, I strongly encourage you not to watch this show.  

Lastly I am going to review "Unbreakable Kimmy Shmight." I know I nagged on "Fuller House" for being childish, but this show practically is the ruler of childish, yet it is one of my favorite shows. Unlike "Fuller House" it has a reason to be childish. The main character Kimmy was kidnapped in the 8th grade and held into her late 20s until located by a police task force. She practically was a child. This show is so ridiculously hilarious that I can't say anything, but I strongly encourage you to watch this show.

Jonas Evans

I atch T.V. constantly so my reviews have a little meaning.

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Volume 12, Issue 23, Posted 3:38 PM, 11.09.2016