Love Trumps Fear

What’s next? Are you wandering well beyond your spiritual upbringing? Might the realities of our current violent culture and war orientation be bringing you pain, suffering, and questioning? Are you energized by efforts of healing, peacemaking and art? There are myriad ways to move into a future for yourself (and because of yourself) in cooperation, peacemaking, art, imagination, and wonder. Have faith, avoid certainty. The world has already been saved. These are days to be heroic in waging creativity and healing with the same intensity as those who seek to divide us and keep us afraid of each other.

Tyrian is an inter-spiritual network created to awaken the artist, healer and peacemaker in each of us. Founded in 2000, the network offers liturgical gatherings, study groups, retreats, yoga, life coaching, and inter-faith spiritual direction in the Cleveland area and on Kelley's Island. Also retreats can be scheduled with the direction of the Rev Dagmar Celeste, Roman Catholic Woman Priest. (See

Tyrian supports the formation of a U.S. Department of Peace, the Ohio Commission of Conflict Resolution and periodically hosts Peace Forums with Nobel Peace Prize winners. Tyrian’s latest efforts have been to tend and upgrade the Cleveland Cultural Gardens’ Peace Garden of the Nations.

In early December Tyrian will celebrate their Artist of the Year award. Christopher Reynolds is this artist. Christopher Reynolds is a troubadour, singer/songwriter, teacher, and shaman. On Reynolds’ website,, it states this as his mission: “to de-colonize and to re-indigenize through music, ritual, house concerts and workshops where we ‘wage creativity.’ Ours is an Age of Magnification, a time between world views, between the late-modern world view and the emerging participatory world view. It is a crucial time because to collectively and unconsciously continue in the late-modern worldview is to degrade the life-sustaining capacity of the Earth for future generations.”  

Do you need a leader for a healing concert, workshop and/or peace forum? Contact Tyrian through the website mentioned above. There are ways and people who are working for peace, love and healing through creativity and contemplation, art, and song. Tyrian can direct you to its network members. Love trumps fear.

Here are lyrics from Reynolds’ song, Creation.

Some people say that this world was made

dividing the darkness from the light

Others disagree and they claim that you and me

were the accident waiting to strike

…In the Beginning, a Lonesome Singer

became The Creator because He (sic) was in Love with You.

Paula Maeder Connor

Rev Paula Maeder Connor is retired and living in Lakewood.  She continues to be active in writing, reading, traveling, and asking hard questions.  Rev Connor is also available to lead Christian based retreats. Contact her at

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Volume 12, Issue 23, Posted 3:38 PM, 11.09.2016