Beauty And The Box Hair Color At Home

It is sold everywhere - food store, drug store - hair color in a box. Our salon is unusual in that if you really like that box color, we will apply it for you. Just to make it easy at home, color is applied all over the head, roots to ends. If you have never ever colored your hair, issues that occur include your not being able to see, so some spots can be missed. Also, the body temperature from scalp to about 1/2 of an inch down your hair will change, causing the color to change.  The issue of how porous your hair is affects the degree to which the color will be absorbed. 

A professional who works on many hair types knows porosity and can adjust the strength of the developer for the best results. Do you record the date and product used? Are you buying the same brand every time? This all makes a difference. The amount of home hair product that is used all over and the amount of time hair is exposed to the color will add a denser pigment load so ends can dry, tangle, and be dull. So this is also not good if a color change is desired. Reducing color on hair color in that way takes a much longer time where the shaft of hair has actually had hours of application. 

But if the salon applies your color we can see the condition of your hair and scalp. Reading the directions on the color box should be reviewed as they can change. 

Have you noticed that most boxes ask you to not color eyelashes and brows? We try to educate and remind customers what a dangerous practice this is. Before the F.D.A. was in existence, a hair dresser applied hair color to her mother’s brows, an allergic reation caused the eyebrow to swell and split, causing blindness.

If you use the salon’s color we can mix custom hair color. Reasons to do this can include better grey coverage  and eliminating tones a client is getting that they don’t want. Every person is unique and  often it takes more than one visit to  create  a perfect color. The record is reviewed to add comments to ever improve. Changing color is easier also when we can see what has been done in the past. Remember that when we color your hair, your present natual color affects the outcome, which is why you need a professional.

Bonnie Fencl

 Bonnjie fencl Carabel's owner

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Volume 12, Issue 23, Posted 3:38 PM, 11.09.2016